Archbridge Capital is an advisory firm founded in 2009 that has pursued a single and consistent mission: to help our advisory clients achieve superior returns over the business cycle, while upholding our primary values of integrity, discipline and focus. Our cumulative 100+ years of experience in financial markets allows us to stay objective and evaluate extreme situations ahead of time. Together we assist our clients to navigate the financial markets successfully.

Through research, technology, know-how and experience we fuse Macroeconomic research and asset class selection with uncorrelated alternative strategies into one profitable process, that has outperformed competitors since inception. Delivering robust macroeconomic and portfolio construction advise even in turbulent years makes our approach stand out against classic portfolio constructs.

We offer transparency, safety and choice to our clients and maximise investor comfort through our infrastructure, timely updates and continuous support. A strong focus on risk management and risk analysis completes our offering.

Fundamental Values

At Archbridge every individual gives their best every day not because they have to but because that is what they do – the passion to succeed, the passion to solve the problem at hand, to find a better solution is embedded in our culture. We recognise excellence as a daily recurring phenomena which is constructed by excellent habits and enforced by success and is hence consistently achievable. A single-minded pursuit of one’s endeavours is what brings resolution to the most complex problems and enables progress each year, each day.

We are in partnership with our clients as we try to understand their entire portfolio and their aims and explore how our analysis, research and insights can improve their own portfolio construction and their overall asset allocations. In fact over time we are proud to call our clients friends.

Strong Pedigree

Hakan H. Kocayusufpasaoglu
Mr. Kocayusufpasaoglu is the founder of Archbridge Capital in 2009 and began his function as Chairman of the Board that year. He has over two decades of experience in trading the markets and worked previously as Head of Trading on the Commodities desk in Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi in London, held Director positions on the proprietary desks of ABN Amro and Credit Suisse. He learned his most pertinent commodities knowledge at the London offices of Glencore. He is widely quoted and interviewed in the press, holds a number of directorships and is a guest lecturer at universities, including his own. During his education at Cambridge, Pembroke College, he focused on Economics and Finance.
Demetri Christopoulos
Mr. Christopoulos has over two decades of experience in trading the markets and worked as Head of Derivatives Trading at Proton bank, Director at Egnatia Finance and Piraeus Securities before setting up his own portfolio management company, Mental Capital. He is a specialist in derivatives as well as multiple asset classes including equities and commodities. He obtained his first class honours in the London School of Economics where he focused on Economics and also holds an M.SC. in Investment Management.
Solon Sarfatti
Mr. Sarfatti has over two decades of experience in the commodity markets and was a Partner at Glencore, London. Before then he was on the Commodity Trading desk of Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi in London where he was trading energy. He attended the London School of Economics focusing on Economics.
Christos Metropapas
Mr. Metropapas has over 18 years experience in the financial markets. He held positions in the International Derivatives Desk within EFG Eurobank and was the Head of Asset Management and the Derivatives desks at Proton Bank. He holds a Master’s (MSc) from the University of Birmingham and focused on Economics during his studies at Athens University.


Archbridge Capital is relied upon by the business press for its foresight and economic analysis. Our finance professionals are sought after guest speakers and commentators for conferences, universities and the media. Our ‘Day in the life of’ series has proven popular over the years and is enclosed (below left). We have also attached a sample Bloomberg TV interview below. Further Bloomberg interviews can be found here.

Into the Mind of a Macro Trader
Bloomberg Television Interview