We have a unique approach to Macroeconomic analysis which utilises systematic and discretionary analysis techniques which, in turn, identify repeatable patterns, cycles and macroeconomic changes ahead of time. This methodology allows us to see gathering clouds ahead of time and assist in constructing portfolios with favourable asset classes.

We believe in ‘fixing the roof before it rains’ and our successful approach has minimised and sometimes eliminated drawdowns in turbulent times, so that the benefits of opportunities during market downturns can be reaped; in fact over time market drawdowns may be seen as opportunities rather than having only negative connotations.

We pay a lot of attention to the inter-play of portfolio returns and the macroeconomic backdrop and work hard to minimise the volatility of portfolios via diversification that far outnumbers that of the ‘classic portfolio’ that is traditionally advised. The results speak for themselves.

What we do

We have a unique approach to modern portfolio construction and an edge in macroeconomic analsysis which enables us to suggest alternatives to diversify away from potentially losing asset classes ahead of time and find alternative vehicles even to traditional bonds and/or equities when required.

Our diversified approach and our expertise in Macro enables us to take advantage of market opportunities and avoid pitfalls, achieving strong robust asset allocations that stand the knocks of the economic cycle.

We are uniquely positioned to evaluate the edges of finance vehicles and advise on portfolios that integrate independent and uncorrelated revenue streams into a seemless whole – something every portfolio/asset allocation can make use of.